Which Westside Pizza Franchise Concept is Right for You?

choosing a franchise concept

At Westside Pizza, we like to provide options for franchise owners so that they can choose the best concept that works for them all around. Each concept has different qualities that differ in things such as budget required, space availability, how operations are run, what products are offered, and even which concept works best with individual franchise owner personalities. It's essential that each franchise owner feels comfortable and that the concept they choose makes sense for them. 

Understanding the Two Westside Pizza Franchise Concepts

At Westside Pizza, we offer two different franchise concepts- Express and Dine-In. Although they offer essentially the same products, atmosphere and operations look vastly different.

The Westside Pizza Express Concept

Our Express concept is essentially what you would imagine it to be, as it provides easy in-and-out service to customers. They usually range anywhere between 1,000 and 1,800 square feet- much smaller than the Dine-In concept. This is entirely purposeful, as the Express concept focuses on delivery and carry-out orders only. A much smaller footprint than the Dine-In concept, which ends up being the perfect choice for franchise owners who want to keep things simple. 

The Westside Pizza Dine-In Concept

The Dine-In concept is a full-service model in that it is not only dine-in, but also offers delivery and carry-out options to customers. This tends to be the perfect concept for a franchise owner who is outgoing, loves to interact with customers, and may be located in an area with limited dine-in options or tourist areas. The Dine-In Restaurants usually range anywhere between 1,800 and 3,000 square feet, which provides enough room to accommodate all the options it offers customers. 

The Benefits of Each Westside Pizza Franchise Concept

 Obviously, with each concept being different, there are going to be different benefits to each for franchise owners. Here's a little breakdown.

Benefits of the Express Concept

  • Operations and Staffing are Simplified- With the Express concept focusing only on delivery and carry-out options, it takes less staff and less effort than the Dine-In concept to prepare the food and get it into the customer's hands. 
  • Less Space Needed- This is of great benefit to franchise owners who find themselves in areas with higher lease rates.
  • Build-Out has Minimal Expenses- All you have to concern yourself with when choosing the Express concept is essentially the kitchen and the front counter. No need to stress over furniture, electronics, seating areas, extra space for bathrooms, and so on. 

Ultimately, if you want to keep things simple and you need a low-cost, low maintenance franchise, the Express concept may be the right one for you. 

Benefits of the Dine-In Restaurant Concept

  • Higher Gross Revenue Potential- With the Dine-In concept, you can serve larger groups who want to go out to eat, and you have an opportunity to increase sales by offering beer and wine with dinner.
  • Tourism Hotspots- Many areas with high tourism find that the dine-in option is popular, as it provides a place for tourists to relax with pizza and beer in hand (alcohol isn't permitted in the Express concept). 
  • Customer Service Oriented- Franchise owners who desire to create an environment for families and love to interact with customers thrive with the Dine-In concept, as it provides everything they need to do so. 

Would you like to learn more about the franchise concepts Westside Pizza offers? You can learn more here or contact us!

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