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11 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 9 PM


11 AM -9 PM


11 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 11 PM


11 AM - 11 PM


11 AM - 9 PM

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2 large pizzas from Westside Pizza and 2 fountain sodas | Westside Pizza


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Why is Westside Pizza the Best Pizza Restaurant in Fortuna, CA?

We are serious about our delicious pizza pies, so we wrote out this oath especially for you!

‘We, the pizza-loving people of Westside Pizza, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute what it means to be ‘All About the Pizza’ with every breath we take. We promise to prepare, bake, and serve our delicious handcrafted pizzas, made only from freshly made dough, sauce made from plump vine-ripened California tomatoes, savory authentic Italian meats, and freshly grated mozzarella. We do this for the love of pizza, and if you share this same level of dedication then you’ll appreciate all the quality we bake into every yummy bite. And we’re not just saying this. You’ve got our word on it.’

What Can You Expect with Westside Pizza Delivery in Fortuna, CA?

From our dough that is made from scratch in our store each day to our fresh cut toppings and all the way to delivering pizza to your front door; Westside Pizza in Fortuna, California provides our pizza fans with the best pizza experience possible from start to finish. With having excellent pizzas, that means we have a great team to put it all together! Our pizza chefs craft the order to your specific wants. Then our pizza delivery drivers are responsible for safely delivering your pizza to you as quickly as possible and take their job seriously. While they say, "You can’t rush greatness," it doesn’t stop them from trying!

Local Pizza in Fortuna, CA

If you haven’t tasted Westside Pizza and you're looking for the best pizza near you in Fortuna, California, check us out! Our location is locally owned and operated. When you support our pizzas, you are supporting our local community! Our Westside Pizza restaurant is conveniently located near you at 432 S Fortuna Blvd. We offer dine-in pizza, carryout pizza, or pizza delivery to suit whatever pizza experience you desire. We’re even open until 11PM on Friday and Saturday!