Why is Westside Pizza Delivery the best way to get your pizza?

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Nothing is better than the comfort of a fresh, hot pizza. There's palpable excitement as you open the box and watch the steam escape from under the lid. The room becomes aromatic with freshly baked bread, gooey cheese, and savory seasonings. You select your first slice, grab it by the crust, and release it from the rest. Lifting it out of the box, strings of melty cheese dangle as you feel the weight of the generous toppings balance in your hand. Your mouth is watering as you open wide and sink your teeth deep into the ideal combination of fresh flavors on top of the perfect crust. Delicious!

At Westside Pizza, we believe there's only one thing better than fresh-baked pizza, and that is having it delivered to you by your favorite pizza restaurant!

Pizza Lovers Agree - Westside Pizza Delivery is the Best Way to Get Your Pizza!

The convenience of quickly and easily getting pizza while you're craving it is what pizza delivery is all about! Westside Pizza delivery is the perfect solution to rescue you from any cooking snafus and to help show your appreciation for everyone in your life. It allows you to:

  • Relax with a night off from cleaning up your kitchen after cooking
  • Enjoy watching the live game on television, uninterrupted
  • Avoid driving in inclement weather conditions such as ice or snow
  • Save money on gasoline instead of going across town for a meal
  • Remain warm and cozy in your own home during the chill of winter, or cool and comfortable in the heat of summer
  • Stay socially distanced to help avoid the spread of any illness
  • Cater a party without the stress of cooking
  • Reward your employees, students, or family member for a job well done
  • Say thank you to friends who've helped you move or paint your house
  • Gift a thoughtful meal to someone who's overwhelmed with a new life change
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Westside Pizza Focuses On Consistent Quality with Our Food and Our Pizza Delivery

You can count on Westside Pizza to consistently deliver a high-quality experience with excellent customer service. That's because we believe in putting the same amount of care into preparing our delicious, fresh ingredients as we do in delivering our pizzas. When there is a consistency between the quality of the food and the way it's delivered to you, we believe that magic happens. Our pizza delivery specialists are friendly, courteous, and fast, so we are fearless in guaranteeing that your Westside Pizza experience will be just as good seated in our restaurant as it is enjoyed in your own home.

We Can Make Your Pizza, Your Way

We have crafted many unique options on our pizza menu. However, we recognize the need for creativity and customization in food. While our favorite pizzas offered on our menu are second to none, sometimes you want something a little different to satisfy your hunger. At Westside Pizza, we're here for it! Our list of fresh ingredients include:

  • Pepperoni
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Beef
  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Anchovies
  • Artichokes
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Olives
  • Pineapple
  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Jalapeños
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Why stop at experimenting with the pizza toppings? If you are looking to explore an even more zesty pizza experience, try swapping out the traditional marinara sauce for:

  • Ranch Sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Pesto Sauce
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We Offer Pizza Delivery and More!

Did you know Westside Pizza has a full selection of sides, wings, pasta, desserts, and drinks? Just tell us what you'd like, and we'll deliver the feast right to you! Here are a few examples of items from our national menu. Be sure to check your local Westside Pizza for specific menu items regarding dietary restrictions.


  • If you love our pizzas, try one of our handcrafted Calzones! Each one is made with our fresh dough, stuffed with three of your favorite pizza toppings, and served with a sauce for dipping.
  • We make fantastic Bread Stix, complete with a side of our famous zesty marinara sauce! They are warm, soft, and are baked to perfection.
  • If you're a cheese lover, you've got to try an order of our Cheese Stix! Just imagine our bread stix smothered with fresh melted mozzarella and seasoned perfectly!
  • If you're looking for a refreshing side, try one of our delicious Salads. All of our salads are served on a bed of crisp, fresh romaine lettuce.
  • Our Garden Salad is a mix of fresh tomatoes, olives, croutons, and cheese.
  • The classic Caesar Salad is a delightful blend of croutons, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.
  • Our Tossed Chicken Salad consists of freshly baked chicken, mushrooms, olives, croutons, and cheese.


Nothing goes better together than pizza and chicken wings! It's hard to have one without the other. Our wings come in bone-in and boneless varieties. So no matter how you like your wings, we're ready for you.

Choose from four styles of wings to complete your meal:

  • Our Buffalo Wings bring the heat that spice lovers crave.
  • We have BBQ Wings that will have you asking for extra napkins every time.
  • Our Garlic Parmesan Wings are just as delicious as you might imagine.
  • And, of course, we serve classic Naked Wings, oven-baked and paired with your choice of dipping sauce.


There's nothing like the taste of Italy to help bring pizza night to the next level. After all, no pizza night should ever be anything less than extraordinary. Our pasta dishes, much like our pizzas, are always made with care and quality ingredients. We allow you to build your pasta dish, so the possibilities are endless.


Every good meal should end with an equally fantastic dessert. That's just a basic rule of life, and it's a rule that we at Westside Pizza fully support. Our sweet treats can't be beaten!

  • Do you enjoy our freshly made dough? Then try our Cinnamon Stix which are a sweet spin on our Stix. They are coated in cinnamon and sugar, then served warm with our signature caramel frosting.
  • Or, if you're in the mood for chocolate, then our Chocolate Brownie will satisfy your cravings. Our brownie is a decadent delight for every chocolate lover.
  • You can't go wrong with a classic chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  • Finally, our Raspberry Blasters combine our signature dough with a delightful raspberry filling and caramel frosting for our fruit lovers.


Eating a delicious pizza is definitely going to work up a thirst. That's why we offer several kinds of soda from the Pepsi corporation to help quench that thirst. Please enquire with your local Westside Pizza to discover different options.

Nutritional Information

We believe in being transparent with nutritional information regarding all our menu items. You can visit our Nutritional Information page to learn more about the specific items we serve.

If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, please ask a local pizza expert about our gluten free crust or our dairy free cheese!

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Westside Pizza's Satisfaction Guarantee

Eat it, love it, we guarantee it.

It's effortless for a pizza restaurant to claim that they're the best; that they've got high-quality ingredients, fresh toppings, and fantastic delivery service. Rest assured that we not only claim it, but we guarantee it!

Our pizzas come from a place of love and dedication, which is why it's probably no surprise that our company motto is, "It's all about the pizza!" Our pizzas are handcrafted with fresh dough, a quality sauce made from vine-ripened California tomatoes, freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and savory meats that will satisfy your belly and your soul. Because of this, we offer you our Westside Pizza satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't love your pizza for any reason, we will replace it or give you a refund. Just return at least half of the pizza to qualify for our guarantee. That's how much we believe in our pizza. No gimmicks. No excuses. Just a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Save on Your Favorite Pizzas With Our Amazing Deals And Promos

At Westside Pizza, we believe that pizza should be for everyone, regardless of their budget. If you have to break the bank for your pizza, something has gone wrong. To that end, we offer several fantastic pizza deals to make sure you end up getting the most out of your dining experience without giving the most out of your wallet. We have a monthly pizza promo deal for a reduced price on a featured pizza or meal, as well as a Westside Pizza email club to ensure that you don't miss out on any of our amazing deals. Plus, we love rewarding our loyal customers with special deals!

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Find A Westside Pizza Location Near You

Having the best pizza franchise possible doesn't mean much if we can't spread the love. That's why we have over 35 locations all across the Pacific Northwest. You'll find Westside Pizza in Washington state, Idaho, Utah, and California when you're searching for the "best pizza delivery near me." If you aren’t finding a location close enough to you, let us know! We are always looking to open new franchise locations.

Your New Favorite Pizza Delivery

We are eager to serve the pizza connoisseurs of the greater Pacific Northwest. Our dedication to being the best pizza delivery restaurant is second to none. With fresh ingredients, a wide variety of options, an emphasis on quality, and friendly service from the best pizza delivery team, it's easy to see how Westside Pizza could be your favorite. You’ll want to include us in all the big moments like winning the little league soccer tournament and even the small moments such as your weekly pizza and movie night.

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Order The Best Pizza Delivery From Westside Pizza

Do you crave a hot and delicious pizza, but don't feel like leaving your home or business for it? Westside Pizza Delivery is the best way to get your pizza! To get a pizza delivery order started, we recommend visiting our Locations page and utilizing the store locator tool to see what ordering options are available for your local restaurant. You can scroll through the cities, select a location from the dropdown menu, or enter your city, state, or zip code to find your local Westside Pizza restaurant.

Get in touch with us today to place an order, ask questions, and experience the Westside Pizza difference for yourself.

Questions? We're all ears.