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Buffalo Wings, Cheese Stix, Salads, Pizzas & Calzones | Westside Pizza

Pick Three for $7.99 each!

Create your perfect meal with options like calzones, salads, pizzas, and more, all for $7.99 each.

It’s All About the Pizza

We, the pizza-loving people of Westside Pizza, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute what it means to be “All About The Pizza” with every breath we take.

We do this for the love of pizza, and if you share the same level of dedication then you’ll appreciate all the quality we bake into every yummy bite.

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Fresh Ingredients Daily

We promise to prepare, bake and serve our delicious hand-crafted pizzas, made from freshly-made dough, sauce made from plump vine-ripened California tomatoes, savory authentic meats and freshly-grated mozzarella.

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Get a Piece of the Pie

We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs to help bring great pizza to new areas. Our franchisees are like family, and we’ll help support you every step of the way. Every franchisee, as a business owner and community member, has something unique to offer our Westside Pizza family.

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