How To Enjoy Westside Pizza While Dieting

Pizza is usually off the menu when people are dieting and only considered a 'treat' every now and then. But if pizza is one of your favorite foods, this can be challenging to achieve. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy your favorite Westside Pizza even while on a diet. So grab a delicious slice of fresh pizza and keep reading to learn how to enjoy Westside Pizza while dieting.

Westside Pizza Is Committed To Providing Something For Everyone

One of the most asked questions among pizza lovers is 'can pizza be healthy?' Well, the answer is yes. If you love Westside Pizza, you will be happy to know that we use only the freshest ingredients on the market and make our dough daily to ensure you only get the best and freshest pizza. Our handmade pizza options are also never frozen and can be customized to fit customers' evolving needs, to accommodate their dietary restrictions. For instance, if you want to cut down on your calorie intake, you can choose a pizza with fewer toppings or cauliflower pizza crust and customize it to fit your preference.

Diet-Approved Pizza And Other Menu Items

While many other pizza restaurants might not have a menu that accommodates your dieting goals, Westside Pizza is committed to providing its customers with the best pizza experience possible. Our award-winning restaurants offer a comprehensive pizza menu filled with fresh pizza ingredients featuring classic and unusual toppings as well as delectable sides, wings, desserts, sodas, and pasta to guarantee an unforgettable experience. We also have several diet-approved pizzas and menu items you can enjoy while watching what you're eating. They include:

  • A wide range of fresh salad options
  • Chicken wings with an average of less than 90 calories in every wing
  • Low-calorie build your own pasta options
  • Low-calorie pizza slices, including gluten-free pizza options, BBQ chicken, Veggie pizza, dairy free cheese, or even a cheeseless option
A bowl of salad on a wooden countertop

Dieting Tips to Help You Enjoy Westside Pizza

Contrary to popular belief, there are several ways to make pizza healthy enough to eat while dieting. Below are some valuable tips that will enable you to eat Westside Pizza and still achieve your diet goals:

  • Always opt to blot your pizza, especially if you find oil floating on your cheese. This aids in reducing up to 50 calories.
  • If possible, avoid eating pizza with sauces or order your preferred sauces on the side when ordering wings, salads, or pasta to regulate the amount of calories consumed.
  • As a means of portion control, eating your favorite pizza off a small plate is advisable. Research shows that eating off a larger plate encourages you to eat more.
  • Pizza crusts are usually high in calories and contain less nutritional value. Thus, it is best to opt for a thin crust or a cauliflower crust while dieting .
  • Adding more veggie toppings instead of meat toppings will also help reduce the amount of calories consumed while maintaining a low glycemic index. Veggie toppings, like mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, or peppers also give your pizza slices additional bulk and filling fiber.

Make Your Diet Fun With Westside Pizza

Ready to take a bite into a healthy pizza slice? Westside Pizza allows you to enjoy your favorite food, just in a slightly different and more fun way. Not only are our pizzas a local favorite and voted the 'Best pizza near me' in our locations, but they also come with nutritional information to help you keep track of your dieting requirements. Now that you know pizza can be a healthy option for the entire family, feel free to order a Westside Pizza and dine in, schedule a pick-up, or enjoy the best pizza delivery available on the market.