Impressive Yearly Westside Pizza Stats

At the Westside Pizza, "It's All About the Pizza". We only have one calling; to ensure that your pizza is delicious and rich in taste. Your taste buds are our bosses. Every step of the pizza-making process is intended to bring ultimate pleasure to your appetite. Pizza making is a form of art. As we all know, artistry requires the best tools and a keen eye for details.

Therefore, at Westside Pizza, pizza making is never delegated to machines. Our pizzas are hand-crafted by our in store experts whose motivation is to create the best pizza both aesthetically and in quality. We have gathered some truly fascinating stats from our years of professional pizza experience.

Have you ever wondered how much cheese a pizza restaurant goes through a year? How about the most popular pizza toppings or how many chicken wings get devoured? We have the answers to those questions and more below!

Keep reading to find all the answers to all your pizza related questions!

What are the Top Three Most Ordered Pizza Combinations or Toppings?

  • Pepperoni
  • Pineapple & Canadian Bacon
  • The top ‘favorite’ pizza is the Westside which comes with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions, and green peppers.

How Many Locations are There Now?

  • 38 across Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, & Texas.

How Many Pounds of Pepperoni Do You Buy a Year?

  • 102,015 lbs of pepperoni

How Many Pounds of Cheese Do You Buy a Year?

  • 818,187 lbs of Mozzarella cheese

Number of Pizzas Were Served in 2021?

  • In 2021, approximately 1,327,850 pizzas were made (including mediums, larges, & grands)
  • That’s approximately 3,637 pizzas a day across all our locations!

How Many Pizzas on Average are Delivered a Day by Westside?

  • Approximately 981 pizzas are delivered a day from each of our 38 locations.

Other Interesting Westside Pizza Stats?

  • Total Pounds of Flour in a year – 1,161,996 lbs
  • Total Pounds of chicken wings prepared in a year – 152,801 lbs (both bone in and boneless combined)
  • Total Cauliflower Gluten Free Crust pizzas ordered in a year – 30,672

Enjoy Top-Quality and Quantity Pizza

We guarantee unmatched quality across all of our products. We are committed to that promise. Pizzas are made from freshly prepared ingredients and toppings.

Key Ingredients

  • Freshly-made dough
  • Tomato sauce made from plump vine-ripened California tomatoes
  • Savory authentic meats
  • Freshly-grated mozzarella

Different Pizza Toppings

The best thing about pizza is that it's customizable depending on your preferences. Toppings remain one of the key pizza elements that differentiate customer preferences. At Westside Pizza we offer different topping choices including:

  • Mushroom
  • Garlic
  • Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Anchovies
  • Jalapeños
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Artichokes

Our pizzas are available in medium, large, and grand sizes with an average weight of two pounds. Customers could choose their size depending on the number of people sharing. Regardless of which size you choose, the pizzas' quality guarantees satisfaction and value for money.

The Best Pizza Near You

Our pizza is 'The Best Pizza Nearest to You'. Westside Pizza has taken strategic steps to ensure that our customers get easy access to the best pizza whenever they want and wherever they are. Our restaurants are strategically distributed to ensure that customers enjoy their favorite pizza with friends around the country. Some of our locations by state include:

  • Washington
  • Utah
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Texas

We encourage our customers to use the store locator to pinpoint the closest store based on their current location. Our restaurants are thoughtfully stationed to ensure that customers enjoy their favorite pizza with friends at different places around the country. Westside Pizza will continue to open up more restaurants as the love for the pizza continues to expand.

Notably, we understand that some of our customers prefer to enjoy the pizza at our dine-in locations while others at their homes or friends' houses. We always offer delivery to our customers to bring our pizza right to your door for pizza night.

We Deliver Your Favorite Pizza to Your Doorstep

Our delivery practices ensure that the experience of the pizza matches the experience one would get from dining on our restaurants' premises. Our delivery practices emphasize:

  • Appropriate and hygienic packaging
  • Accurate delivery time
  • Professional delivery personnel

Generous Customer Deals

Most importantly, Westside Pizza never forgets to reward its new and loyal customers with generous deals. Deals ensure customers get to enjoy more of our best pizzas for less. Customer deals are customized depending on locations. Some of the most popular deals include:

  • 2 Large Favorite Pizzas Deal
  • Make it a Meal Deal

For those obsessed with our pizza's quality taste and flavor, visit your location page to order Westside pizza. Feel free to contact us for any assistance, questions, or comments.