Is Pizza a Vegetable? Westside Pizza Wants to Know

The debate around whether a pizza constitutes as a vegetable has been going on for some time. How could this tasty Italian dish made with toppings containing ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, oregano, sauce, beef, and other ingredients be classified as a vegetable? Read on to find out more.

Did Congress Make Pizza a Vegetable?

The United States Congress had officially made pizza a vegetable in 2011- in a way. The lawmakers ruled that the amount of tomato paste used in the pizza sauce and its nutritional value implied it could pass as a serving of vegetables. Who would have thought?

The main reason for the decision behind the argument was that anything containing two tablespoons of tomato paste could, without any question, be called a vegetable, which automatically qualifies a pizza into that categorization. Therefore, pizza has officially become a vegetable under those guidelines.

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