Should You Tip Your Delivery Driver?

The convenience and pure joy that comes with getting pizza delivered to your doorstep is truly unrivaled after a long day. Thank goodness for online ordering making it even easier! But do you ever think about tipping your pizza delivery driver? Should you even tip them after all?

Once you initiate the trade of your pizza for the payment, do you fumble through your wallet and give the driver some money, wondering whether it is enough as a tip? The truth is that this can be a confusing moment due to the varying tipping standards and rules within the industry.

Why Should I Tip my Delivery Driver?

Based on common etiquette guides, it is recommended to tip service providers if they are providing a good, timely service and if they bring all of your correct items.
Tipping practices can vary depending on the industry. Unless the service you’ve received has been truly terrible, it is customary to tip your delivery driver. When considering tipping the pizza delivery driver, a 15-20% tip is customary. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether to give more or less.

To Tip or Not To Tip?

If you want to tip the drivers in appreciation for their hard work and great service, you are welcome to do so! Thankfully, our online ordering makes it easy to add a tip before your items get delivered, so you don’t have to empty the couch of loose change.

The Westside Pizza Delivery Excellence

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Our delivery drivers are trained to handle pizzas with care. They always ensure that you get just what you ordered. They take on this mighty task because every person and every order is of the utmost importance. It’s all about the pizza, and we carry that motto and guarantee all the way to your door.

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