Westside Pizza Unveils Irresistible New Pizza Creations: A Slice of Culinary Delight Awaits!

Westside Pizza is known for its unwavering commitment to creating tasty pizzas, but is raising the bar with the announcement of the launch of additional menu items. These latest additions are the result of research, experimentation, and passion. Prepare for the introduction of four delectable new pizzas, as Westside Pizza is raising the bar yet again.

New Signature Pizzas Available at Westside Pizza

Primo Pesto: The allure of the Italian countryside is captured flawlessly in the Primo Pesto pizza. This pizza features the aromatic potency of basil from a creamy pesto base. It has a layer of freshly grated mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, garlic, and a signature Parmesan blend.

Primo Pesto Signature Pizza

Luau-Wow: Senses are whisked away to a sunlit Hawaiian beach with the Luau-Wow pizza. The pizza is pleasant, with chicken, pineapple, onions, and green peppers on a bed of BBQ sauce.

Luau-Wow Signature Pizza

Buckin' Buffalo: Embracing the spirit of the Wild West with the Buckin' Buffalo pizza, made for those who enjoy spice, as this creation has chicken and crispy bacon, covered in a buffalo ranch sauce. Jalapenos add more dimension, complemented by an assortment of cheeses.

Buckin Buffalo Signature Pizza

Gourmet Mediterranean: Dive deep into the cultural treasures of the Mediterranean with this exquisite offering, featuring chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and garlic coming together, unified by a creamy pesto sauce.

Gourmet Mediterranean Signature Pizza

While each new offering boasts unmatched flavor profiles, the secret sauce behind the greatness is Westside Pizza's commitment to providing great products to their customers.

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Westside Pizza is committed to picking the freshest ingredients and spending time creating pizzas that many will enjoy, "Here at Westside Pizza, we're always striving to stay relevant and satisfy our customers' cravings. Our recent menu update is all about fine-tuning our offerings. We've introduced exciting new flavors, all with the smallest operational impact, because we believe that evolving while maintaining our signature taste is the key to our success,” said Jeff Roberts, Director of Development.

Westside Pizza's extensive network of restaurants in California, Idaho, Texas, Utah and Washington means that this delightful culinary experience is within easy reach for most. So, why wait? Whether celebrating a special moment, or simply seeking solace in the comfort of a delightful pizza, Westside Pizza is a go-to destination for delivery, pick-up or dine-in.

Westside Pizza offers discounts for a limited time each month.

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