What Are the Different Ways People Eat Pizza?

At Westside Pizza, we know that freshly made, delicious pizza brings people together! While it's expected that everyone will have different opinions on the best type of crust and toppings, you might not consider that a heated discussion may arise about the best way to eat a pizza slice. A favorite pizza-eating method could have been passed down in the family from generation to generation, or due to someone trying to be polite, or because someone feels strongly that it's the ultimate way to experience all the flavors and textures. Let’s take a look into several creative ways people love to eat their pizza!


A true classic, the upside-down method is simply when someone flips over their slice of pizza before taking a bite.

Why the Upside-Down Method? You'll get to taste our fresh toppings, sauces, and cheeses first!


If you want more bang for your bite, you can always take two slices of pizza and put them one on top of the other. This captures the delicious toppings inside and the crust on the top and bottom, hence the name sandwich.

Why the Sandwich Method? You get double the delicious toppings and our crave-worthy crust per bite!


If you've ever been in a situation where your slice of pizza is just a bit too large to fit in your mouth comfortably, you might have found yourself employing the Neapolitan pizza-eating method without even realizing it. This simply involves folding the pizza in half. Some pizza enthusiasts take it a step further and fold it into fourths!

Why the Neapolitan Method? This method allows for a little more structure, and it's also believed that folding it will give you the perfect ratio of toppings in each bite, so you taste all of the flavors in harmony.

Man Eating Pizza at Westside Pizza | Westside Pizza


Nonconformists practice the Rebel pizza-eating method. They start at the crust and eat towards the toppings and warm, melty cheese.

Why the Rebel Method? This is a suitable method for those who like to save the best flavorful bites for last. Trust us when we say that it will leave you reaching for another slice!


For those who love pizza, but don't love messy hands, it's easy to pull out your fork and knife instead of picking up the whole slice with your hand. As a bonus, you also look fancy and sophisticated eating it this way, all the while still getting to enjoy your favorite pizza.

Why the Prim and Proper Method? Apart from the benefits mentioned above, this method is preferred when you want to be polite and enjoy eating a delicious slice all while keeping yourself immaculate.


Favored particularly by children, this method involves removing all the toppings and cheese from the pizza to enjoy them separately. Once deconstructed, the toppings are typically eaten first, then the cheese, and lastly, the crust - ending the pizza-eating experience perfectly.

Why the Deconstructed Method? Each texture can be experienced individually, and let's be honest; it's kind of fun playing with your food!


Here at Westside Pizza, we believe that “It’s All about the pizza!" We know that no matter how you choose to eat your Westside Pizza slices, you'll enjoy every bite knowing we craft it with the freshest ingredients available and we make it fresh every day! So stop at one of our local pizza locations near you or order pizza delivery today. For questions about our locations or pizzas, please contact us. Your taste buds will thank you!