Why Your Next Event Should be Catered with Pizza

Why Your Next Event Should be Catered with Pizza | Westside Pizza

Appeal to the Masses; Pizza is America’s Favorite Food!

Whether you're hosting a small, intimate event or a large party, you'll need to consider what you're going to feed everyone. Food ties the whole experience together and allows people to connect to one another. As you're deciding what to serve your guests, consider the fact that pizza has consistently been ranked as America's top choice of favorite foods. Because there are so many options for pizza toppings, crusts, and sauces, pizza is a choice that is sure to please every palate from the pickiest eater to the biggest foodie. 

What Makes Pizza A Great Party Food?

Pizza is a great choice for any event. It's easy to set up, easy to clean up, can feed a large amount of people, and reheats well (if there are any leftovers!). Pizza is great for casual events where it could be served on paper plates, but did you know it makes a great option for more formal events? In fact, serving pizza at wedding receptions is a growing trend! Pizza can also be customized any way you can think of. Gluten free? No problem! Vegan? Can do! Meat lover? Of course! Want something a little nontraditional? Use a pesto sauce instead of tomato! You can make your pizza as unique as the people you're catering for.

Why Your Next Event Should be Catered with Pizza | Westside Pizza

How Many Pizzas Do You Need to Order?

As you consider catering your next event with pizza, be sure to consider how much to order. The average person will eat three slices of pizza in one sitting, so once you have your guest list finalized, multiply by three. A large pizza will have eight slices, so then divide that number by 8 (and always round up!). Let's say you're having a department meeting with fifteen people. You'll need about six pizzas. Once you know how many pizzas you'll need, you'll also need to consider whether you'll pick them up yourself or have them delivered. If you have them delivered, schedule a timed order to make sure the pizza delivery arrives before your guests, but not so far in advance that it's not still hot and fresh.

Don't Forget Sides! 

Pizza goes great with breadsticks, salad, wings, pasta, and, of course, dessert. Plan ahead for sodas and side dishes so you can make sure everyone leaves your event fully satisfied. Having sides even further ensures that everyone has something they enjoy eating.  

Westside Pizza Is Perfect For Catering Your Next Event

There's a reason pizza is a crowd favorite. At your next event, give the people what they want. Give them pizza! Contact us today to find out how Westside Pizza can help cater your next event!

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