Can I Be A Passive Owner Of A Westside Pizza Franchise?

You can be successful with different approaches of ownership, owner/operator or passive ownership. Several franchisees have found success by working on their business rather than in their business. You can be a passive owner of a Westside Pizza franchise, although we recommend some owner supervision because it will most likely increase your sales and efficiency.

A good passive owner is someone who can manage people. There are different methods to managing a business passively. One method would be having a high performing manager and compensating them appropriately when business goals have been met.

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That manager has to look at all of the various business metrics through the lens of an owner which also includes allowing them to take ownership of their crew, customers and vendor relationships. You need to give them a seat at the table while strategically planning the future of the business.

A good passive owner, when accompanied by a good manager, can manage a business by the numbers and keep their focus on the future growth of the business.

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