Do I Need Restaurant Experience to Own a Franchise?

The quick and easy answer is no. Restaurant experience is not required to be a Westside Pizza Franchisee. Our team has created a franchise program that can be successful for both the pizza novice and previous restaurant owners. We offer a comprehensive training program before you open, an on site opening team, and ongoing training if desired.

When the current franchise owners started, they didn’t have any experience. They took advantage of the resources, training, and advice from the corporate team and franchisee community.

What one needs is the ability and desire to learn and a personality that enjoys serving and helping other people including employees, customers and vendors. All you need is that great attitude and willingness to make an effort in this business. We can teach everything else. As long as you have a cooperative attitude and a good work ethic, you can be successful.

Person standing in front of pizza boxes, at a counter

At Westside Pizza, we operate as a team meaning that we all have something to contribute to this business. Some of our best ideas come from franchisees and employees. That’s why we have an advisory council made up of both corporate personnel and franchisees because we value the contribution of our franchisees. This committee is dedicated to the growth, direction, and continuous improvement of the Westside Pizza brand.

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