Item 19 - What Is It, And How Important Is It When Establishing a Franchise?

Digging into franchising can seem like a steep learning curve. There are so many options to consider and so many crucial aspects that you need to consider when you are moving forward in the discovery process. One important aspect to consider is Item 19.

The Item 19 is part of the Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD). It is an audited earnings claim that will show what each individual location generates in revenue. Not every franchise has an Item 19 because of the time and money it takes to complete.

The benefit of an Item 19 is that it not only shows the gross sales figures, but also shows average & median labor & food costs. It gives prospective franchisees the opportunity to gauge how the other stores in the franchise are doing financially.

A westside pizza crew working during a shift

While our franchise can’t promise any kind of financial success, we can show potential franchisees the overall sales and the average of the two most critical expenses a pizza franchisee will face with our Item 19.

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