Fundraising with Your Local Westside Pizza!

Does your organization or community group need a way to raise some dough? Look no further! We love community fundraising for great causes! That's why each of our Westside Pizza locations in Idaho, California, Utah, and Washington offer fundraising events designed to give a percentage of sales back to community organizations.


We are a group of pizza fanatics who want to serve you the best pizza in town. Over the years, we have perfected our recipes and offerings to truly be the best pizza restaurant near you. We believe that we’ve hit that mark by sticking to our motto "It's All About The Pizza!"

While our tagline is “It’s All About The Pizza!”, we know that it really does come down to being All About The People. That’s why we hire passionate employees, put out monthly pizza deals to benefit our customers, and really care about each and every one of our customers. (We’ve done that so well that they keep leaving us fantastic Google reviews!)


We value our communities because we are part of our communities. Each one of our locations is independently owned and operated. Each owner is part of their local community, and they love supporting local nonprofits, schools, and sports teams to continue to build up the great communities they are already invested in. So it makes sense to pay it forward and help community organizations maintain their missions. We wouldn't be the pizza restaurants we are without the people in our communities, and we know many of our customers have passions and careers where fundraising is essential. We'd love to learn more about how we can help by partnering with you!


To learn more about our fundraising opportunities and if we're a good fit:

  • Download and fill out an application by clicking here.
  • Submit the completed application and W-9 form to your local Westside Pizza manager.
  • Make sure to send everything in at least five weeks before the date of your fundraiser.
  • Give us two weeks to get back to you. You will hear from us soon!
Man Standing in Front of Donated Food | Westside Pizza


Once you hear back and your fundraising date is set, use these tips to ensure your fundraiser is maximized to its full potential.

  • Promote the Pizza! Shout it from the rooftops; or in this more modern era - on your FacebookTwitterInstagram, or even TikTok! Make sure your followers, friends, and family know the date and time of the fundraiser.
  • Encourage large orders. Who doesn't love leftover pizza? Remind your supporters to order extra while Westside Pizza is donating to your organization. Larger orders mean more significant profits, which means more money goes to the community!
  • Offer alternative ways to donate. Some people won't make it the day of the fundraiser. Make sure they know they can still contribute by donating to your organization online.

Contact us today to get started on your fundraiser!